Intermodal transport combines different modes of transport: road, rail, water and air.

In unaccompanied intermodal transport (UCT), the loading unit reaches the transhipment terminals by road or by boat and are loaded onto trains. The trasportation continues by rail, generally over long international routes.

It is only carried the load unit, or container, semi-trailer or swap body, while the driver and the motive truck remains at the terminal. At the destination terminal, it will be picked up by another truck, shipping and transported to their final destination. Unaccompanied Intermodal transport combines the advantages of road and rail and offers an important alternative in an european freight traffic. More and more transport and logistics companies transfer and trades by rail for long distances, to deal effectively and respond to traffic jams, lack of drivers, rising energy costs and fiscal burdens, and not least, to meet the growing demand for services transportation environment.

The transport of goods by road is subject to several constraints, especially in the medium and long distances, making it uneconomical: traffic and weather conditions, highway tolls, risk of theft, legislation on driving times and rest periods for drivers. An organized intermodal transport service solves these inefficiencies due to have many advantages like:

  • Use the vehicles in conjunction with very high load capacity trains and ships.
  • Transport goods from production areas to the nearest logistics centers to be loaded into special containers of goods,  wagons on trains or taken on board at ships, with an obvious cost savings, a limited environmental impact and greater certainty on delivery times.
  • Avoid pressure cracks that could damage the cargo.  Good Skills, dedication, efficiency and passion are characteristics that all our customers recognize from us. With our experience we are able to organize the transportation from the smallest detail, choosing the safest route for your merchandise and of course faster.

The Frontline Distibution is an intermodal transport company,  transport of goods by road and integrated logistics.

The Frontline Distibution, with department stores dedicated to the handling of incoming goods in the terminal: a great innovation for the logistics market, with significant benefits in time and cost for customers.

In a profoundly changed market environment of recent years, The Frontline Distibution aims no longer as simple carrier, but as partner company for intermodal transport of goods and for the execution of goods recollection services, storage and international delivery.

Team of cargo experts are always available to help you with any queries you might have, or if you want to consult in length your logistic requirements. We would study your requirements and provide you with a quote that would not only suit your budget, but would also save you considerable amount of money in the long term. And, we guarantee that.

Our logistics processes, services, tools and systems in combination with strategic warehouse locations help our clients to meet their business logistic needs and achieve their long term business goals with much more accuracy. Moreover, our supply chain management experts would design a logistic process especially for you to align with your business in an integrated fashion.