The Warehousing third account service offered by Frontline Distribution provides various logistics services developed during long years of experience in the industry.

Our central activity of storage ensure that goods placed in the warehouse are handled with the utmost care needed, as well as qualified professionals, specialized infrastructure and modern technologies.


The many integrated services of  Frontline Distribution allows you to rely on a single partner to take advantage of the many types of strategic transactions that may involve assembling components, internal warehouse handling, shipment management.

The proper management of the warehouse ensures several economic and practical advantages, firstly  must be counted the optimization of available space  for the storage of goods, the reduction of the times for the refilling and and the inventory, the most practical systems of supply chain. The prince of our storage service is the movement of goods, it starts from the receipt of goods, through the control over the quantity and quality of incoming goods, ensuring that everything corresponds to the customer requests, finishing with the positioning of the products within the warehouse.

All this for incoming goods.
The cycle itself is also reproduced for outgoing goods, in fact, the picked goods requested by the customer, are checked and prepared for shipment.
The Frontline Distribution want that any goods transit within its warehouse meeting the customer requirements, any discrepancy between what was required and how much was arrived on destination will come promptly communicated to our customer to ensure maximum transparency and satisfaction.  The storage service can provide several of related services made available to the customer, we talk about order management, packaging, order preparation and shipping.

The management and the preparation of orders are very delicate operations that require attention and qualified personnel, we must pick up the goods, prepare the documentation that travel with the goods, check the goods, where it's required we will  pack them and then load them on the type of transport unit that will delivery the merchandise.

Warehousing Fulfilment

Warehousing Fulfilment