Topic 2: Warehouse

Frontline distribution is situated in San Diego, California, USA and is an agent of GlobalTranz. The company is a freight shipping company and warehouse, which deals with warehousing as well as logistics. Frontline distributions have around 20 plus hubs all over US and Canada. The company now provides online services with its Carrierrate 2.0 which is one of the best and latest technologies, giving them an edge over other competitors in the market.

Efficient warehouse automation

For a freight shipping company like frontline distributions and GlobalTranz, it becomes a compulsion for the distribution companies to upgrade their warehouses, as well as their entire processes and procedures. Frontline distribution and GlobalTranz is a freight shipping company with automated warehouses which gives these companies better access to spaces in the warehouses, save time, money, it is cost effective as well as helps in retaining customers because when a customer’s item gets lost, it will lead them towards loss and lose customers.

Integrated warehouse services

GlobalTranz is such a successful freight shipping company with an agent like Frontline distributions because it has all the warehouse services put together and integrated. This helps the company gain insight of all of its supply chains and influence information to make transformative and well-informed decisions. With the help of integrated warehouse services, the freight shipping company can reduce the danger of duplicate data, as well as error and miscalculations. Integrated warehouse services mean less paperwork and more automated systems like customer relation management, supply chain management as well as Enterprise resource planning. As a result, the freight shipping company becomes more productive and efficient in what they do. Another benefit GlobalTranz and Frontline distribution enjoy a reduction in workers’ salary as fewer workers are required in paperwork and more on revenue-driven projects.

Trained staff for improved productivity

One of the main reasons behind the success of GlobalTranz and Frontline distributions is it’s well-educated and hard-working staff. Freight shipping companies like GlobalTranz and Frontline distributions help their workers gain skills as well as have the workers improve and polish their existing skills so that the company can achieve productivity and efficiently achieve their set targets and goals. Not only GlobalTranz and Frontline distributions, a large number of freight shipping companies nowadays work on their employees to enhance their skills for productivity. GlobalTranz and Frontline distributions cross-train their workers so they gain a set of skills instead of having only one skill. Having different skills, Frontline distributions and GlobalTranz are not restricted by their workers and they can work on new projects to achieve greater heights.


Frontline distributions and GlobalTranz are exceeding in their line of work that is freight shipping, warehouse, and distribution business. In such a cutthroat market, this company is achieving all their goals and much more. They are providing their customers with the best services that too online, where they have all their data, and information stored as well as integrated their entire system. Apart from these, they are training their workers to be one of the best and gain outstanding skills for increased productivity.

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